Who is Oddly Endearing Artifacts)?

Crystal N. Money, M.A.

Established in 2017


Crystal N. Money, M.A., owner and curator of Oddly Endearing Artifacts, a one-woman show. Professionally Certified Antique and Vintage Collectibles Appraiser.


Professionally, I am a 2019 graduate of the Asheford Institute of Antiques with over 10 years of experience researching, buying, and selling antiques and vintage collectibles.

As a first-generation college student, I was overwhelmed with the possibilities of my future career. I have always loved learning and school, so academia seemed like a natural fit. After finishing my Master’s degree, I transitioned into working full-time at the Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics, and Character, teaching undergraduate ethics and leadership courses. It was no surprise that I adored teaching at the undergraduate level, but the politics of academia wore at my soul.


Making the choice to step away from academia after two Bachelor degrees and a Master’s degree under my belt was by far the biggest struggle in starting Oddly Endearing Artifacts. Although some may see all of that education as wasted, I truly believe the experience of thorough academic research has made me all the better at seeking out the most unique finds. My favorite part of the research has always been the learning process, and I am still doing that on a daily basis with OEA.


While antiquing and collecting have always been a passion of mine, changing my mindset to that of a collection curator and seller was another big shift for me in starting the business. At one time, it would have been difficult for me to let go of the many treasures that travel through my office, but my love for the business has enabled me to take pride in finding homes for the very items I would keep for myself in a world with unlimited space and money.

Academically, I hold a Master of Arts in American Studies with a primary focus on Ethics and Values in American Society, a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Ethics, a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Geography, and a Bachelor of Arts in Africa and African Diaspora Studies from the Kennesaw State University.


I grew up in rural Georgia, living with my grandparents most of my childhood, and this is where I credit the start of my love for the old and the odd. That isn’t to say that my grandparents were old or odd, but they instilled in me a sense of pride in antique objects decorating their home. My family has many heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation. These heirlooms are not valuable in the traditional sense, but they are rich in memories that have been passed down with them. I am fortunate to know so much about my extended family and ancestors through stories and objects they once possessed. While we only have a finite time in life, our possessions and memories live on through our loved ones.