What is Oddly Endearing Artifacts (OEA)?

Oddly Endearing Artifacts is a service-oriented business with three main goals.

  • The first is to provide knowledgeable, reliable, and ethical information on your most beloved antiques and vintage collectibles through certified antique and vintage collectibles appraisals.
    • Collectors often have a great deal of sentimental value attached to their treasured antiques and vintage collectibles, so it is important to me to acknowledge both the personal value as well as the current market value.
  • Secondly, OEA sources the most unique and beloved antiques and vintage collectibles to assist collectors all over the world in curating their collections.
    • This service does not only include seeking out specific items for clients with an established collection but also an elaborate online inventory for the collector-curious to peruse.
    • I love a good treasure hunt.
  • Lastly, I provide educational resources to learn more about antique appraisals, the fun stories behind antiques and collectibles, and what is popular in mainstream collecting at this time.